When you decide to serve God , life becomes unfriendly. This phobia wrapped and lure most people to abandon Christ because it serves as a threat. The cowards, they fear persecution from the society,unbeliever,family and friends, the madness around pushed them so badly that they rather choose temporary safety over eternal life and freedom. The […]

The Dark Battle

View this post on Instagram The Dark Battle From the wisdom of life and divine, it’s better to think about death as an event that is inevitable. It’s an obligation that has no escaping route, but why is this a dark battle? Being in the dark is equal as not existing. The actual purpose of […]

All what is needed is to power up!

RESILIENT Just as a child cannot learn how to walk without occasional fall, so is a person trending the path to success. There must be setback, misfortune, mistake, obstacle and more of its kind. A resilient person endures tribulations and hard time without cracking, such person rather bounces back from obstacles and disappointments. It’s a […]