Is the life story of the founder of Christianity the product of human sorrow ,imagination, and hope —– a myth comparable to the legends of Krishna , Osiris ,Attis ,Adonis ,Dionysus and Mithras ? Asks historian Will Durant ,He answers that in the first century ,to deny that Christ had ever existed “seems never to have occurred even to the bitterest  gentile or Jewish opponents of nascent Christianity”

The Roman historian Suetonius in his history The Twelve Caesars stated regarding the emperor Claudius “Because the Jews at Rome caused continuous disturbance at the instigation of Chrestus (Christ) he expelled them from the city. ” This occurred about the year 52C.E (compared Act18:1-2) note that Suetonius expresses no doubt about the existance of Christ .on this factual basis and in spite of life-endergering persecution , early Christian were very active proclaiming their faith .It is hardly likely that they would have risked their lives on the basis of a myth .Jesus death and resurrection had taken place in their life time ,and some of them had been eyewitnesses to those events.

Historian Durant draws the conclusion: “That a few simple men should in one generation have invented so powerful and appealing a personality ,so lofty an ethic and so inspiring a vision of human brotherhood , would be a miracle far more incredible than any recorded in the Gospels”.


Whether people are aware of it or not ,many things they do are linked with superstitious practices or beliefs ,some having to do with deities or spirits .for example, did you know that birthday observance has its origin in astrology, which attaches great importance to ones exact birth date ?what about birthday cake ? It appears to be related to the Greek goddess Artemis, whose birthday was celebrated with a moon-shaped honey cake topped with candles. Or did you know that wearing black at funerals was originally a ruse to escape the attention of evil spirits said to be lurking on such occasions? Just feel like sharing this .

KINDS OF PETER’S IN                                     CHRISTENDOM 

in order to know the kinds of Peter’s in today’s Christianity ,let first discuss Peters.

Who is Peter ?  To write a little about him ,Peter which means “rock” was a disciple of Christ but originally his name was Simon (heares) occupation: Fisherman (john1:42).

Note: briefly we now know who Peter was , so let move to Types of Peter Characters in the scripture which deals with so called Christian living today.

  • Peter that confessed Christ as the “Son of God” : this Peter confessed with his mouth truely but deep down did not believe(Isa29:13)  we have this kind of peter very numerous in Christian fellowship, society , etc . they only display Christ with their lips ,with heart is CAPITAL NO! .are you among this set of people ?
  • Peter  of Strong Faith :the character showed by peter in this verse (john13:4-13) that character is what Christ wants from Christian of today , people who will follow and believe what Christ says , are the type that question Gods word or twist it to suit yourself?  Be of courage and follow His words! (James1:22).
  • Peter who betrayed Christ : this are set of Christians that when they come across tribulations, they fall victim and say bye-bye to Christ , Have you done this before or planning to compromise Gods words or plan ,trying to find quick solutions or trying to run from test and trials ? Don’t be brethren ,be of courage and be strong in the Lord and you will surely overcome in Jesus name.(john18:17,25&26).
  • Peter that went back fishing : this man in this verse was so confused that he knoweth not what to do ,but to returned to his former ways…this set of people already know the truth but after some trials or tribulations, they have the thought that Christ cannot bear their burden or put an end to their sorrows  so they go back into their old nature ! What a terrible decision to make …(Heb10:26) state clearly that when you have already know the truth going back is not an option because what awaits such people is not good , are you about to take such decision of turning back ? Or leaving the truth and start following lies? There is no other way that leads to eternal life but Christ alone.(john21:3).
  • Peter that Christ gave another chance : our God is so compassionate to the extent of finding just one lamb out of hundred ,he will never let anyone go astray ,Peter in this verse of the Bible was given another chance , as you reading this now Christ is Calling you back into His fold …knocking at the door of your heart ,hope you will open and let Him dwell with you ,don’t miss this second chance with open arms Christ will receive you!(john21:19).
  •          Conclusion : Any circumstance you are according to this article ,try hard and be Peter of Strong Faith ,believe Gods Words because He will surely fulfilled is promise to you ! You are bless as you read this and share with other.


The Dictionary makes us to understand that association is a group organized for a common purpose. To be bless or be a blessed person spiritually and physically the people you associate with play a very important role and so is the advice they render (1king12:5,814). Don’t limit your success due to people you walk or play with ,Think Big and Achieve Big .If you are in a group and is not helping cut it off ,everything has time .you are bless as you make use of this short article. Stay connected.

The Holy Spirit may Test You.

We christian often feel that whenever we are fill with the spirit it will always lead us “beside peaceful stream ” (Psalm 23:2) that is not the Gospel truth ,just as Jesus was led into the wilderness for some test , after been filled with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit may also lead us into different situations, just to test the level of our faith .As a Christian we just need to be careful and follow faithfully wherever the Holy Spirit leads. John16:33 ,Romans8:14.